Server Rules


1. General provisions:

1.1 The actions of the administration are not subject to discussion. The

1.2 This server is free of charge. Accordingly, the administration deals with it exclusively at its own expense and solely on its own. The

1.3 Collected donations are sent to the development of the game server and are not subject to return. The

1.4 The administration helps to solve the problems as far as possible.

2. Administration policy:

2.1 Ignorance or misunderstanding of the rules does not absolve from responsibility for their violation. The

2.2 The Administration reserves the right to make any changes on the server in the rules without prior notification to the players The

2.3 The system of server legislation is not a precedent, that is, the existence of a precedent does not guarantee its repetition. The

2.4 The administration of the server does not guarantee reliable work in the provision of services and services, and is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to users due to communication line failures, erroneous use of the provided services, software defects and other actions that may lead to undesired situations. The

2.5 Administration reserves the right to dispose of all game objects on all accounts at its discretion. The

2.6 All accounts belonging to the same player may be penalized for violating the rules on one of them. The

2.7 An attempt to violate the rules can be equated with a perfect violation.

3. The server administration reserves the right to:

3.1 Refuse to provide services without explanation. The

3.2 Evaluate the actions of users and impose on them any sanctions in cases not provided by these rules, if it deems necessary. The

3.3 Consider and make decisions on collective applications from users. The

3.4 Amend these rules without the user's consent. The

3.5 Make changes to the server, services and services, at your discretion.

4. Characters and accounts:

4.1 Be sure to include a valid e-mail when registering. Accounts with a non-existent address can not be returned after a possible loss. The

4.2 The names of the characters must be meaningful, readable and pronounceable. The

4.3 The use of pseudo-Cyrillic and other perversions is not recommended. The

4.4 We recommend that you write the names according to the grammar of the English language. The first letter of the name is capital, the rest is uppercase. The

4.5 It is prohibited to use obscene, defiant, insulting or interfering with the game process names or titles. Such characters can be deleted without warning. The

4.6 It is forbidden to use the names of NPCs, the names of the characters of the administration, as well as the names on the forbidden list, in the name (or title) of the character. The

4.7 The owner of the account is fully responsible for everything that was done from under his account. The

4.8 We do not recommend sharing the account, nor transferring the account to another person to avoid situations that may entail these actions.

5. Gameplay:

5.1 It is forbidden to perform any actions that could disrupt the gameplay or lead to unstable operation of the server. It is also forbidden to withhold information about such actions. The

5.2 Curses, obscene language, insults, threats, extortion, blackmail, sexual harassment, inciting interethnic, interclass or interracial discord etc. are prohibited. The

5.3 It is forbidden to impersonate the representatives of the server administration. The

5.4 It is forbidden to require information from other players, which they consider secret. The

5.5 It is forbidden to disrespect the administration of the server, as well as to discuss the actions of the administration in the game. Challenging the actions of the administration is allowed only through the forum. The

5.6 It is forbidden to dismiss rumors, misinformation about the server and administration representatives. The

5.7 It is forbidden to encourage server players to act leading to destabilization of the project. The

5.8 Prohibited begging, pestering requests of other players or administration of the server. The

5.9 It is prohibited to flood and spam, repeated repetition of one line, excluding purchase of items or search for parties, advertising and anti-advertising. The

5.10 Communication in the chat of the party, guild and alliance is regulated by the leader of the party or alliance party. Compliance with paragraph 5.2 of the rules in these channels by the administration is not controlled. The

5.11 Any kind of fraud is prohibited. The

5.12 It is forbidden to use programs, scripts or hardware that violate the normal operation of the server software. The

5.13 It is forbidden to write about leaving the server, or to encourage other players to stop the game. The

5.14 It is allowed to write about game defects only on the forum in the corresponding section, subject to the rules of the section.

6. Forum:

6.1 The language of the forum is Russian. It is forbidden to use translit and pseudo-cyrillic in the forum. Messages containing them are deleted without reading. The

6.2 Curses, obscene language, insults, threats, extortion, blackmail, sexual harassment, inciting interethnic, interclass or interracial discord etc. are prohibited. The

6.3 It is prohibited to flood and spam, writing one word per line, repeating one line, advertising and anti-advertising. The

6.4 It is forbidden to spread rumors, misinformation about the administration of the server, about other players. The

6.5 It is forbidden to require the administration of the server to require changes. You have every right to offer to make any changes, supporting them with weighty arguments. The

6.6 It is forbidden to spread screens / pictures containing text that violates these rules. All screenshots are sent to the administration in the LAN. The

6.7 Discussion of moderating the forum is only allowed in the LAN with the administration of the forum. Other discussions will be deleted. The

6.8 It is forbidden to write messages or create topics during the current ban on posting or bans. The

6.9 Discussion of the moderation of the game chat is allowed only in a specially created for this topic. The

6.10 It is forbidden to publish data about gaming accounts (login, password, mail).

7. Communication with the administration of the server.

7.1 It is recommended to ask questions on the forum. The

7.2 When communicating with the server administration, the player should briefly, clearly and without using slang talk about his problem or answer the questions asked by the administrator. The

7.3 It is forbidden to use translit. The

7.4 It is forbidden to ask the administrator to do anything that is not part of his duties. The

7.5 When answering administrator questions, it is prohibited to withhold information, lie, or mislead. The

7.6 It is forbidden to call the administrator without reason, to create obstacles and to distract the administrator from performing duties. The

7.7 The administration does not answer questions about the game process in Skype or LAN. The

7.8 Orthographic, grammatical and stylistic mistakes in addressing the administration are considered a particularly grievous insult.

8. In case of loss of game values:

8.1 If this is due to a security breach or an internal server error, the administration will, if possible, return the items to the affected. The

8.2 In case of violation of clause 4.8 (sharing of the account), the administration shall not be liable. The

8.3 The administration is not liable for the voluntarily transferred administration.

9. In case of violation of server rules, the Administration of the server may apply the following sanctions to gaming accounts of violators:

9.1 Deleting an account - Deleting an account from the server with all the characters on it. Can be applied to all player accounts at once. The

9.2 Deleting a character - Deleting a certain character from the server in the account. The

9.3 Account bank - temporary or permanent blocking the use of the account. Can be applied to all player accounts at once. The

9.4 Confiscation of property - Full or partial confiscation of property from the character or from all the characters belonging to the player. The

9.5 Blocking access from a specific computer. Can be applied to all player accounts at once. The

9.6 Other actions.

10. In violation of the rules of the server and forum, the Administration of the server may apply the following sanctions to the forum accounts of violators:

10.1 Deleting a forum account. The

10.2 Delete forum message messages. The

10.3 Issue a temporary or permanent ban on posting (it's the same: ReadOnly, RO, RO) on the forum account. The

10.4 Temporary or permanent prohibition of entry to the forum from the forum account, or IP-addresses to the forum (ban). The

10.5 The sanctions listed in clauses 9.1-9.6.

Currently this is only one server.